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Jamie Joseph | Director

Founder of environmental charity Saving the Wild, Jamie Joseph is a wildlife activist best known for her ‘Blood Rhino Blacklist’ and exposing massive state corruption driving South Africa’s rhinos into extinction. With mentors and support from Hollywood’s finest, she understands the power of film to drive change, but is far more comfortable behind the camera than in front. Kimana Tuskers is her directorial debut. A short film with everything at stake, this is her love song for Kimana.



Djimon Hounsou | Narrator

Two-time Academy Award nominated actor, with lead roles in AMISTAD; BLOOD DIAMOND; GLADIATOR; and most recent, THE KING’S MAN, Djimon Hounsou was Jamie’s first and only choice to narrate Kimana Tuskers. Djimon is a dedicated humanitarian and conservationist, and was born and raised in Benin in West Africa. His vision for the Djimon Hounsou Foundation is to champion a visceral connection between the countries of the African diaspora and the motherland and to heal the wounds that slavery left behind.



Bertie Gregory | Cinematographer

Kimana Tuskers was shot in 8K by 2020 BAFTA winner Bertie Gregory, who’s accolades include BBC’s Seven Worlds, One Planet and other Sir David Attenborough series. A National Geographic Explorer, his goal is collaborative storytelling that inspires people to fall in love with the natural world and show that looking after wildlife is more than just a nice thing to do; it is crucial to all our futures.




Mike Hedges | Senior Re-recording MixerPark Road Post Production

Audio engineer Michael Hedges has won Academy Awards for his work on Peter Jackson blockbusters Lord of the Rings and King Kong. He has worked on Hunt for the Wilderpeople, What We Do in the Shadows, District 9, and Peter Jackson’s earlier films Heavenly Creatures and Braindead. His extensive repertoire also includes Kiwi classics Once Were Warriors, Boy and The World’s Fastest Indian. He is currently working on ‘The Beatles – Get Back’ – a film by Peter Jackson.




Stephen Gallagher | Composer – Park Road Post Production

Stephen Gallagher is an award-winning composer, music editor and sound designer. He has worked on projects with Peter Jackson, Brian Eno, Ed Sheeran and Nick Cave among others. His feature film credits include Supervising Music Editor for Amy Berg’s documentary West of Memphis, Music Editor for Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, Sound Designer for Manuel Huerga’s documentary film Son & Moon and Supervising Music Editor for Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, where he composed additional music to accompany Brian Eno’s original score. He also worked on Jackson’s The Hobbit series and was a finalist for Best Sound Editing in a Feature Film at the 2013 MPSE Golden Reel Awards for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.



Josie Haines | Editor – NHZNZ Worldwide

With over 300 awards to their credit, including the Wildscreen Panda and a number of Emmy Awards, NHNZ has been sharing some of the planet’s most interesting stories for 40 years. Josie Haines has been with NHNZ for more than two decades, and was especially chosen to work on Kimana Tuskers. Coincidentally she would have been on holiday in Amboseli, Kenya during the time of filming had it not been for the covid pandemic. Projects she has worked on in recent years include Orangutan Jungle School, Big Pacific, and Lost Paradise.